/ Before beginning your project, our design office creates engineering mandates according to your needs.


/ To meet your automation needs, we apply innovative tailor-made solutions, such as: a palletiser, ATEX washing machine, various manufacturing, and food and medical care lines.

Horiane line
Gamme Horiane

/ Our solvent cleaning machines are designed for the cleaning and drying of small parts in the watchmaking, medical, electronics, precision turning industry etc.
Horiane machines are certified in accordance with the ATEX directive and therefore guarantee safe solvent cleaning operations.

Transport systems

/ We are specialists in the development of bespoke conveyors of various types: belts, rollers, chains, and modular belts.
These skills allow us to carry out your projects such as: feed hopper and transportation system compatible with the food or medical industries, amongst others.

Industrial equipment

/ We offer secure industrial equipment that is adapted to your working environment such as: security platform and gateway, noise control enclosure, ergonomic work table, rack, cart, mixing tank, extraction hood, logistics table for packing and shipping.

Patric concept trailer
Horiane L trailer
Horiane S trailer
Horiane XS trailer